Hi! My nickname is Electro Shaman and i’m from Moscow, Russia. I’m working with electrical equipment (electrical panels for low voltage), PLC automation and stage light shows or equipment. This page is designed for those who comes to my blog from YouTube channel or search engines.

I can help you if i have own experience and knowlege about questions that you will ask me. Many questions are solved by brains and manuals ;). I know English only a little (i can read technical documentaion but have problems with writing and talking) — so i’m using simple words and only present time (as language form) to talk with you. I apologize for this.

My blog have some posts on English (about Stage Light or Electricity). They ‘re tagged with «English» tag.

Also you can write me to my E-Mail: info@cs-cs.net (i’m checking it every 1-3 days).

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