Hi! My nickname is Electro Shaman and I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’m working with electrical equipment (electrical panels/cabinets for low voltage), PLC automation and Stage Light shows or equipment. This page is designed for those who comes to my blog from YouTube channel or search engines.

I can help you if I have own experience and knowlege about questions that you will ask me. Many questions are solved by brains and manuals ;). I know English only a little (I can read technical documentaion but have problems with writing and talking) — so I’m using simple words and only present time (as language form) to talk with you. I apologize for this.

My blog have some posts on English (about Stage Light or Electricity). They ‘re tagged with «English» tag.

Also you can write me to my E-Mail: info@cs-cs.net (I’m checking it every 1-3 days).

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